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Previously, I wrote about the Session Buddy extension for Chrome Web browser, and why you need it if you have a tendency to have too many browser tabs open. Well, the Great Suspender is another browser extension worth installing in Chrome for a similar reason: to prevent the likelihood that Chrome will crash your computer, or even just itself.

Look at the image strip of a browser window above. For most people, that’s too many tabs. For others like myself, it’s not even close to the number of browser tabs that might be open. (I had over 300 tabs open at last count, for legitimate research and client project reasons — up to eight tabs per project and 20+ ongoing projects, at times.) While Chrome does a reasonable job in managing computer memory, there are still problems, and every tab you leave open eats up more memory — even when a tab is not actively being used/ viewed.

The Great Suspender extension does something that Chrome really should have as a native feature: it controls the memory of open tabs by putting them in a sleep state. The amount of RAM memory this saves can be phenomenal, and is an absolute must for me while researching online — which is actually every day.

If you use it in tandem with the Session Buddy extension in Chrome (linked above), you can improve your overall online research workflow. You can set specific sites to not be suspended, have auto-sleep by default, and more.

Of the similar Chrome extensions I’ve tried, this is the most reliable, with the best overall workflow, and I can’t do without it. I just wish it had been around years ago.

Why You Need the Great Suspender Extension for Chrome Web Browser

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