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source: C3js.org
source: C3js.org

Previously, I introduced the D3.js data visualization library. If you’ve seen that article and felt there is too much of a learning for D3, you might be interested in C3.js.

C3 is also a JavaScript library and is based on D3. At the time of writing, the C3 library had over a dozen prefab chart types, as listed below:

  1. Line chart
  2. Simple XY line chart
  3. Step chart
  4. Bar chart
  5. Pie chart
  6. Combination chart
  7. Timeseries chart
  8. Multiple XY line chart
  9. Area chart
  10. Stacked bar chart
  11. Donut chart
  12. Spline chart
  13. Line chart with regions
  14. Stacked area chart
  15. Scatter plot
  16. Gauge chart

These pre-built types make charting a bit more plug-and-play — provided that you are looking to use the basic types above.

Personally, I’ve used a combination of C3 and D3, as necessary. I’ve also used C3 and customized some of the above types by writing some additional JavaScript code, as well as HTML and CSS. More datavis articles to come.

Data Visualization Tools – C3.js

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